Whatever the occasion, say it with a LiveNote!

Bring Your Gifts and Cards to Life with a LiveNote.

LiveNote lets you attach video messages to QR codes, which you can print and put on anything, whether it’s a greeting card, a bag of Colombian coffee from your vacation, or a bottle of wine you just picked up at the local store. Whatever it is, LiveNote brings it to life.

Three Simple Steps to Create your LiveNote

1. LiveNote generates a unique QR code that you can order as stickers or print out.

2. Upload your video and complete your LiveNote.

3. Attach your QR code to your card or gift and surprise your friends & loved ones.

Three Simple Steps to View a LiveNote

Open the camera app on your mobile phone.
Scan the QR code using your phone's camera.
A notification will pop up, tap on it and enjoy your LiveNote!